25 thoughts on “Adrian Romoff: 9-Year-Old Piano Player Wows Judges – America’s Got Talent 2014 (Highlight)

  1. He skipped five grades??? Wow America should take a note, most kids can’t
    even pass the classes they’re in lol

  2. Go homeschoolers! (I can tell he is one because I am one myself. I don’t
    have the phenomenal piano skills.)

  3. Dang! I thought I was smart because I skipped a grade… But this kid
    skipped 5 and he’s only 9 years old?!?! He is a genius! His piano skills
    are already phenomenal, but just imagine him in a few years! Wow!

  4. he’ll be able marry when he’s 11 years old and go out and party. or he will
    be alone foever and be bullied by all the other older people. there is many

  5. I love how he’s just like, “When I play piano, I express my feelings” and
    when he starts to play piano he knocks over the stool and starts to go

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