25 thoughts on “Jazz Piano Bar Music: Restaurant and Club Ambient Music

  1. Hi everybody! I’m posting here the tracklist of the video as you required
    me many times! Sorry if I’m late. You can find the album on itunes, the
    link is under the release date in the description of the vid and it’s
    called “Capri Jazz Piano Bar Music” by Pianobar. here’s the playlist 1:
    Destination Positano (track 20), 2: Piano Bar (1), 3: Soft Jazz Piano (2),
    4: Moonlight in Capri (3), 5: Easy Listening (4), 6: Italian Piano Bar
    (Holiday Music) (5), 7: Road Trip Songs (6), 8: Cool Jazz (7), 9:
    Relaxation (8), 10: Wine Bar (Soothing Music) (9)

  2. Hi there. I’m doing a student project from Singapore. Can I ask if I can
    you at least 10-30 seconds of your song? Will definitely credit you at the
    end :)

  3. Seven arts: Music, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Αrchitecture, Theater and
    Ancient Greeks believed that Music is the greatest of all arts..

  4. Ahh, just out of work…It’s Friday evening in Brooklyn, New York. It
    looks like rain coming in. Inside my apartment relaxing, having this
    beautiful music playing. Ready to take a shower, go downstairs to meet a
    beautiful female and have diner at a great sushi restaurant in Cobble Hill.
    Later, back to my apartment and, well, you know. Have a great weekend and
    thanks for the music… 

  5. This is beautiful! As a young lad myself, I usually listen to the more
    modern stuff, but this is something different.. I love it! I usually always
    have a shitty day at school but when I come home, I listen to this kind of
    music, it makes me feel relaxed and happy. Thanks for posting!

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