25 thoughts on “Killy Killy Joker – Selector Infected WIXOSS OP [piano]

  1. I love this anime and opening so much <3. One of my favorites. I love how
    the opening, like the anime itself, has a dark twist in it and gives a good
    atmosphere of the anime itself. It looks cute from the outside, but if you
    watch the anime, you'll think different about it :P. What I love the most
    about this anime, is that every (yes, every!) episode has a plottwist in
    the ending, that makes you leave with the 'let this week already be over'
    feeling. I love how this arrangement has a jazzy feeling at some points.
    The speed is amazing! Great as always! (I can't wait for season 2 of this
    anime :D)
    Tama – No battoru, no life! :P 

  2. Such a jumpy song :D I like how you play your left hand at 2:32 to 2:42 to
    smoothly :D

    Looking forward to NGNL OP FULL VERSION! :3

  3. Hot damn. In awe yet again….

    I am sad you have not picked up ‘Ping Pong: The Animation’. It is easily
    the best show this year. You do not have to like sports to enjoy this, the
    directing and character development is god tier. 

  4. I really love this! The left hand is very rhythmic and you play everything
    so precisely. I really enjoyed your dynamic control especially when you
    went up to the extremely high register. It sounded like a set of bells.
    Great work as usual man! Hope your exams went well!

    Also, I noticed a big improvement in your performance Animenz-sama! All the
    practicing for the exam really paid off ;) 

  5. Mmmmm, that’s one tasty OP.

    Out of curiosity, how much do you practice your arrangements before you
    record them? I imagine it’s different for each one–but what about this one
    in particular?

    Also, I don’t know how far you got in transcribing the Brynhildr OP, but
    have you considered putting it in a medley, perhaps?

    Great stuff as always, I’m really looking forward to your album!

  6. Lol I want to become as good/partially as good as you SO badly, but I’m not
    disciplined enough to practice the piano nor know how to practice
    efficiently (the latter my biggest obstacle really); it’s painful welp.

    Fantastic playing as usual. Can you please update your blog once in a while
    sharing ‘how to learn music tips’ and perhaps list down your top
    transcriptions for learning techniques and such? I’d super love to read it.

    And once again, welcome back. You are freaking awesome man. I liked the
    timing of the credits too XD.

  7. Hawt damn, this arrangement has EVERYTHING. Dat octave slashing, three-hand
    technique, left hand jumps and… Wait, wtf just happened at 2:32???

  8. 2:35, I’m really not sure out of all that fast motions and octaves all I
    can focus on is how your right thumb move…this is probably already on my
    top favorite transcriptions of yours and I’ve never watch WIXOSS (will

    BTW I’m waiting for you to announce your waifu Kazumi lol.

  9. Oh and so you actually decided to go for No game No life Opening theme
    song! That’s great! I am looking forward to it! Still, Brynhildr in the
    darkness would have been nice…

  10. Do you mean to say it isn’t a stupid card anime?!?!?! I don’t know what to
    think anymore and don’t have the time to check it out atm :/ after finals
    week though for sure!

  11. Great and amazing as usual Animenz! xD
    Just asking, how large are your hand spans? As when I played some of your
    pieces before, some stretches were too big for me :3

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